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General information for first time floaters - Tranquility pod

You are about to embark on a new experience! Floating is unlike anything else on Earth. It is not like bathing, nor like swimming, even less like sitting in a hot tub. It is a route to profound relaxation.

What is floating?

Floating is a personal experience. After undressing and showering, you step into a fiberglass capsule containing 25cm/10inches of skin temperature water (heated constantly) and 300kgs/660lbs of Epsom salts which nourish and soften your skin without wrinkling it.

The high concentration of salt allows your body to float effortlessly, like a cork on the surface of the water.

It is the closes thing to attaining zero gravity on Earth.

What are the benefits?

Floating in a pool of skin temperature water into which the Epsom salts have been dissolved, your body is able to totally relax. As every muscle in your body is 100% relieved from all tension, you can quickly go into a state of deep relaxation.

For some people it can take 15 minutes or or longer to reach this state.

  • It relieves stress, nervousness, anxiety, jet lag, insomnia as well as muscular aches and pains.

  • It gives you extra energy and makes you feel dynamic.

  • It can stimulate creative thinking and solve problems or for mental preparation for work, academic or sporting challenges.

  • It can help to reduce feelings of anger and agitation.

There are many medical conditions which have been shown to benefit from floatation therapy such as arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, premenstrual tension, postnatal depression, asthma, migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular conditions, osteoporosis and synovitis to name a few.

You will feel the benefits for a few days after your float sessions. However, most people fully appreciate all the benefits of floating after having experienced 3 float sessions.

This is why we offer a 3-float package at a reduced price to first time floaters.

How do I float?

Some people prefer to float using a head pillow, which keeps your ears out of the water. You should use earplugs if you float without a pillow to avoid salt crystals from building up inside your ears. In either case, be sure to allow your head to fully relax - your face will not go under the water.

If you try to hold your head up to keep it out of the water, you will be defeating the purpose of floating!

Some people enjoy floating with their arms along their side, others, with their arms under their head. Experiment until you find the position that is the most comfortable for you.

Try not to splash or slosh the water. If you do, water may get in your eyes which will sting.

If this happens, use the bottles of fresh water in the pod for you to spray into your eyes.

You don't actually "do" anything in the pod, just let your mind wander and let you body enjoy the experience! Maybe you'll even fall asleep.

There is no risk of turning over in the pod if you do fall asleep.

As there is no pressure on any part of your body, your body has no need to turn over. Some people regularly sleep in the pod the entire night!

What to Expect

If you find that your body seems to be "spinning", simply open your eyes. This is caused by your brain trying to adjust to the weightless experience which goes away after several float sessions.

LIGHTS: You control the lights from the inside of the pod too. You can float with the lights on the entire time or adjust as you go.

At the end of the session, there are a series of things which will happen. The lights will come back on if you switched them off, the music will fade back in if you've chosen the fade mode, chimes will sound and finally the door will open automatically, so you do not need to worry about how long you have been in the pod.

WATER TEMPERATURE: Some people believe that the water temperature drops as they float. Be assured that the pod is continuously and silently heated to 35.4 degrees which is skin temperature.

If you feel like you are getting a bit cold, simply run some of the water over the top of your body to warn yourself up.

CLOSING THE DOOR: Some first time floaters are a bit concerned about closing the door. You do not have to close the door if you do not want to, though the top of your body may feel a bit cool. In any case, you control the door from the inside black button on your left.

OPENING THE DOOR: You may open and close the door as often as you want to during your float. If you'd like just a bit more air in the pod, push the door button again as it is coming down to interrupt it closing. You may close it or open it at any height and as often as you wish.

Do not close the door while inside using the outside door button - this will cause the pump to run. There is no harm being in the pod while the pump is running, but it is noisy.

CALL ATTENDANT BUTTON: There is a red "call attendant" button on the right side of the pod. This will sound a buzzer which will ring in reception and turn the lights on inside the pod.

If you have pressed this button by mistake, you can press the lights button to cancel the buzzer. If you do not cancel the buzzer, the attendant will come to the door to check that everything is ok.

How do I get out of the pod?

When the door opens, signaling the end of your float session, sit up, then slowly stand up holding the edges of the dome for support. Gently wipe as much salt and water off your body with your hands before getting out of the pod to keep as much salt in the pod, not on the floor.

Step slowly out of the pod backwards holding onto the edge of the dome with both hands, as you might feel a bit light-headed for the first few minutes.

Go directly to the shower, without using your towel (otherwise it will be full of salt!) to wash your hair and body well will the products provided.

A few pointers:

  • Do not shave or wax just before floating - cuts or scrapes can sting in the pod.

  • If you have any small cuts you can either cover them with a small waterproof bandage or with a bit of Vaseline to help prevent stinging.

  • You do not need to wear a swimming costume as you are alone in the float room.

  • Please use the toilet, shower with soap and wash your hair, without using conditioner.

  • Tell the operator if you would like continuous music, it normally fades to silence.

  • If you choose not to use the headrest, then earplugs are important as salt crystals can irritate the eardrum.

  • Be sure to push them well in BEFORE showering; these will not prevent you hearing music in the pod. Do not try to insert earplugs into wet ears! You can damage your eardrums that way.

Do not float if:

  • You have not been shown how to use the Floataway pod by a qualified person.

  • You are currently under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

  • You have open or bleeding wounds.

  • You suffer from incontinence, nausea, uncontrolled epilepsy or clinical depression.

  • You have been medically advised not to float.

  • You have a special hairdo, which you wish to keep!

  • You are not confident of being able to get out due to lack of personal mobility.

  • You are under 16 years old (sorry, but it's EN regulations) and unsupervised.

  • Have a history of regular ear infections.

  • Are currently sick with a contagious illness.

  • Have an acute skin condition.

  • Have a pacemaker or have a serious heart condition.

  • Have a recent spray-on tan or freshly coloured hair.

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