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Dance Party, Sweat & Burn, Zumba, Latin Vibes:

All incorporating a wide range of exercises designed to increase stamina and reduce body fat, time will fly by whilst having fun.


Step, Step HIIT:

The perfect way to burn fat and improve your heart and lung efficiency. Step classes vary in intensity and all our teachers are able to provide differing levels depending on your fitness.



A challenge combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises designed to improve both muscle strength and stamina without requiring any dance/co-ordination skills. Fantastic calorie burners.


Power Up, Body Tone:

These are total body-shaping classes - utilising a variety of equipment (weights, bands and bars). Low impact and once again suitable for all levels


Body Max/Interval Classes:

A large percentage of strength and muscular conditioning is added throughout the class - using a variety of equipment. Excellent workout as it will keep your heart rate at a range of levels, enabling you to get the most from your hour.



A class that teaches you about posture core strength and at the same time toning your body to look great.



Combines Yoga with Pilates movements to get the benefit of both disciplines. C.A.L.M is Conditioning, Aligning, Lengthening the body with movement.



These classes are a blend of Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and traditional conditioning techniques, also including great stretching routines . Great classes for everyone.


Zumba Gold:

This is a fun dance class aimed for over 50’s but a great workout for all ages and abilities.


HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) HIIT:

Great calorie burning class doing lots of different types of cross training exercises.



Learning correct lifting techniques to and push yourself mentally and physically



Functional training exercises to help your body perform at its best in day to day life, and also get great results



High intensity interval training consisting of 20 secs work and 10 secs rest. Great for fat burning.

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