A brief message from the new owners

We are truly excited for the challenge ahead and can say this is a lifelong dream for us both. We will strive to bring the highs and good days back to the club. We share plenty of years between us within the health industry, working in many clubs all over the UK, Australia New Zealand.

What we have learnt through our experiences is that in any club, you need clear set foundations and so we wish to share ours with you.

Goals Driven - We promise to listen support our members through their fitness journeys. We all start from different starting blocks and finish at different finish lines but we will be there for you every step of the way. A successful member is a happy member and a successful club needs plenty of happy members.

Community – We promise not to lose our sense of community and family friendly fun. There will be some changes moving forward but we believe this is something this club already has in abundance and is what makes this club so special to us, and so much more. It will remain to be a safe place for all, a place to socialise, a place to enjoy what you do, and free of intimidation.

Safety Cleanliness – If the past two years has taught us anything, Its that cleanliness and safety should be a top priority. Although we have some big plans for the clubs future these will not be happening overnight. What we will do is raise the bar on our cleaning standards and ensure safe procedures for both staff and members alike. We will also listen to our members for any improvements we can do in the interim and act on them in good time.

Don’t forget your roots – Although we have many plans for the future it is also vitally important not to forget your roots. Squash has always been the core of this health club and we are motivated to keep it this way. Despite recent years of decline in the sport we are keen to work alongside some of our valued members to revive this sport from the bottom up. Starting with the junior coaching to find the next generation, one on one coaching for goal driven success finally the all important leagues for healthy competition.

We would like thank you for the warm welcome we have already received and we look forward to repaying your kindness in full.

Amy and Tom

Extra Points

Our refurbished Her Space Fitness Studio is now fully operational! Ladies if youre interested in getting started this summer please contact our membership team.

Squash is also back to normal so you can now play outside of your bubble! Courts are booked out every Friday from 430PM - 8PM for club night. All squash members are welcome to come play some roll on - roll off squash. Its a great way to play different people and get to know other members.

Please contact us via the web site, Facebook or by calling our membership team on 01284 704 232