Fine/Not Fine

We are 20% towards our first target. Please help us to help support young people in our community who are not getting the help they need when they need it.


We launched our Fine Not Fine - Young Peoples Mental Health: It's Everybody's Job on Saturday 18th May in Charter Square in Bury St Edmunds. Following the launch we have events in June, July and October. Find out more about our events at


Our Norfolk Coast walk from 25th -28th of June began as something that Izee & Hamie (Sash’s brothers) and I could do together to raise money for young people's mental health. It's clear that we are not alone in being frightened by the epidemic that surrounds us which is why so many people have asked to join us. There will be up to 20 people walking part or all of this path with us including friends of Sash, Izee and Hamie.


We have been inspired by the journey of my daughter + sister Sasha. She's a beautiful, creative and academically gifted young person whose symptoms of failing mental health were missed for too long. Fortunately, after nearly a year in various psychiatric inpatient units Sash is recovering. This is not the case for everyone we have come across so far.


Until our society is able to accept that (i) we are all vulnerable to poor mental health; (ii) we need to learn to spot the signs and seek help; (iii) even people as clever, gifted and talented as Sasha can be affected; then, nothing will change and our young people will continue to suffer.