H2Go Swim


Add purpose to your swim sessions

What do you think about when you swim? Perhaps it’s those things you could be doing instead or whether you’ve got time for a few more lengths of the pool. Maybe you sing songs or think about what you are going to eat later..!
If you want to become a more efficient swimmer and get more out of your swimming, actively thinking about your swimming may be a better approach than trying to distract yourself or letting your thoughts wander. You can do even better by planning what you’re going to think about and focusing on specific goals in your swimming.
Here are some suggestions for points you could incorporate into your next swim.
· Focus on holding a streamlined position off the wall after each turn.
· Keep head low when turning to breathe.
· Aim to do a few more lengths
· Alternate the speed you swim
· Drive your kick from your hips, not your knees.
· Hold your core tight throughout the stroke for better streamlining and connection between your arms and feet.
The list could go on, and you should make your own. For most of us it’s impossible to focus on more than one or two points at a time.
As a bonus, you may find having something specific to focus on makes your swimming more enjoyable and possibly easier as well.