H2Go June

Flip Float

Congratulations Flynn on joining the flip float club !!

In a panic situation, falling into cold water or being out of control in the water, the natural instinct is often to fight the water... Flynn has learnt to float and control his breath.
Well done Flynn!

The top 10 reasons people don’t swim according a recent survey (and some suggested solutions)


1. I don't have the time

We all have 24 hours each day but many people have demanding jobs, responsibilities to other people as carers and hundreds of other competing interests. However, we do know that some people find swimming the perfect escape and respite from a stressful life-style. Swimming outdoors is particularly good for this. If you’re really exhausted from work, a swim might help you feel better.


2. I only go swimming on holiday

A thought... we hear people who start the day with a swim outdoors (or indoors) say they feel like they’ve had a mini holiday, because it’s time for themselves.


3. Getting changed before and after is too much of a faff

When you swim with friends, changing seems like much less of a faff because there’s time for a chat and banter.


4. I don't like wearing a swimming costume in public

In the women’s swimming costume market, there are now brands making costumes designed to help people with a range of body shapes and sizes feel more comfortable.


5. It's too expensive

Bear in mind that a swim doesn’t cost much more than a pint of beer or a coffee and a croissant.


6. I hate being cold

The feeling of cold only lasts a minute or two and you stop noticing if you keep moving.


7. I don't want people to see me in a bathing suit

This sounds like the same as number 4. Also remember, most people are too worried about themselves to pay too much attention to how you look in your bathing suit.


8. I get enough exercise in other ways

Getting exercise is not the only reason to swim.  Swim for the joy of being in the water, to relax and feel better... Also, swimming is a low impact sport so kinder on your joints, which makes it good to add it to the mix. Many people come to swimming after being injured from other physical activities and fall in love with it.


9. I can't be bothered

 “I can’t be bothered” could be replaced by “I don’t want to miss out.”


10. I don't feel confident in the water any more

Many more adults want to learn to swim or improve. The market has responded and increasing numbers of coaches and teachers are offering lessons to adults and it is a great feeling to improve at something.