Delglyn Clinic - Spring

Hello everyone, welcome to April and this month my article is slightly different. As part of my new Clinic I offer nutritional advice to boost and maintain hormone health that is essential for women who are suffering the myriad of symptoms of peri-menopause, it’s also beneficial for post-menopausal women too. Nutrition, health and wellness are so important to keep our heart, bones, muscles and brain strong and healthy.


It’s vital we eat a wholefood diet made up of the right nutritious foods that are lower in salt, trans-fats and refined sugar. One of the things I’ve noticed is the amount of sugar in breakfast cereals so as breakfast is the King of meals, here you’ll find my own recipe for homemade granola. It’s simple and quick to make yet so delicious and healthy – no refined sugar and you can be in charge of how much natural sweetener you use too J



* 2 ½ cups of oats (you can choose wheat free, or alternatively try buckwheat flakes or quinoa flakes)

* 1 cup pecans

* 1 cup almonds

* 1 cup hazel nuts

* ½ cup flax seeds

* 1 cup pumpkin seeds

* 1 cup sunflower seeds

* ½ cup chia seeds

* 1 cup raisins

* 1 cup dried cranberries

* 4 tablespoons coconut oil

* 3 tablespoons maple syrup or argave (I use light argarve as it’s easier to combine & cheaper if on a budget)

* 3 teaspoons cinnamon - optional




Partially crush or whizz the almonds, hazel and pecan nuts in a blender or keep them whole

Combine the dry ingredients except the raisins and cranberries

Melt the maple syrup/argave and coconut oil in a saucepan. Add in the cinnamon if you choose

Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients so that it’s mixed together well. Place onto a baking tray and cook on 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Taking the mixture out regularly to stir and toast new areas. I usually test every 10 mins so it doesn’t burn, but your oven may be more heat consistent than mine

Stir in the raisins and cranberries when the mixture is cool.


Serve with natural/Greek yoghurt, nut milk or kefi. You can also use some blueberries/banana or strawberries for a slight change. Enjoy!

My website is where you’ll find yet more quick, easy and deliciously healthy recipe ideas or join me on FB where I post regularly about peri-menopause health including recipes, research and general advice.


See you next month