Health & Safety

Health & Safety Notice


-There are no designated life guards on duty, so each parent / guardian is responsible for the supervision of their own children.

- Any person under the age of 16 must

be accompanied by an adult when using the pool.

- Children under the age of 5 years old must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult aged 16 or over on a 1 adult to 1 child basis.

- Children between the ages of 5 years and 8 years inclusive must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult aged 16 years or over on at least a 1 adult to 2 children basis.

- Children over the age of 8 years must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult aged 16 years or over on at least a 1 adult to 12 children basis.



- Any person under the age of 18 is not permitted to use the sauna or steam room.

- The minimum age for use of the gymnasium is 12 years of age, accompanied by an adult.

- Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use weights in the gymnasium.

- The minimum age for tennis & family fitness classes is 4 years of age, accompanied by an adult.

- The minimum age for squash is 5 years of age, accompanied by an adult.


Sauna / Steam Room


In the interest of health & safety all members and their guests using the facility are requested to abide by the following:


- To complete and sign a health questionnaire on arrival.

- Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

- Adults over the age of 18 years old are permitted to use the steam & sauna rooms.

- Please do not shave in the sauna or steam room.

- You are advised to take a towel into the sauna to keep contact with the hot bench to a minimum.

- Please read the sauna / steam room guidelines on the wall before using the facility.

- You are not permitted to drink alcohol, before or during, the use of the sauna / steam room.

- If at any time you feel dizzy or faint, get out immediately and seek assistance.

- In the event of injury please advise reception staff.

- The panic alarm is situated directly outside of the sauna.

- The nearest First Aid point is at reception.

- If the fire alarm is activated (bells ringing) please stop immediately and make your way to the nearest exit and wait until advised otherwise by a member of staff. Please don't collect your belongings from changing rooms before exiting.


Members are advised not to use the Sauna / Steam room if they:

- Are pregnant

- Suffer from heart disease, circulation problems, high or low blood pressure.

- Are taking anticoagulant, antihistamine, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators or stimulant tranquillisers.

- Have consumed a heavy meal within 1.5 hours.

- Suffer from migraine attacks.

- Suffer from any condition which makes you unsure as to the advisability of using the sauna / steam room.


Special Groups

The Elderly: As the body becomes older it is less effective at dealing with the stresses placed on it. Elderly people should not engage in unnecessarily intensive sauna / steam use.

The Young: The body temperature of young children will rise much quicker than that of adults due to their under developed thermo-mechanisms. This is why we will only permit the use of the sauna / steam to over 18 year olds.




We continue to work hard behind the scenes to ensure we can provide the best and safest experience possible at Moreton Hall Health Club.


We'll continue to provide our members with exercise content that they can use in gym, outside or at home. We want to help people stay as fit and healthy as possible during these unprecedented times. We’ll be doing regular updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages so make sure you follow us.



-Mask are recommended, not compulsory.

-Gym & Swim session no longer need to be booked online.

-The one way system has now been removed. 

-Changing rooms/showers & saunas are back in full use.

-Staff will continue to wear masks to keep you safe however is only recommend for members. 

-The tennis courts are open and although our outdoor pool will be available for use.


Our #CovidSafe Commitment
Your wellbeing is our highest priority. As part of our #CovidSafe commitment, we have introduced several cleaning, hygiene, and social distancing measures to keep you safe.


1. Let's #KeepItClean - Cleaning & Hygiene

We have increased cleaning measures throughout the gym and our teams will assist you as and when you need it.
We are working hard to ensure that our equipment and facilities are kept spotless at all times.


2. Do your best, save the NHS - Cleaning & Hygiene.

We would really appreciate your help with wiping down your equipment once you have used it.
You'll find sanitising spray and paper towels available for you to use at our Cleaning Stations.

3. #WashThoseHands - Cleaning & Hygiene

We have a hand sanitiser dispenser ready for you to use once you enter the gym and as you leave.
While you work out with us, please wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

4. That's #CloseEnough - Social Distancing

We're definitely a friendly bunch here but always do your best to maintain a safe gap between you and other members as you move around the gym, while you work out, and when you use the changing rooms.

5. Great Things Come To Those Who Wait - We're #OneClub

Please can we ask that you are patient with your gym team and other members. If you're not happy with anything then let a member of the gym team know. Remember, it's been tough for everyone, so let's look after each other as best we can. 

COVID Secure at Moreton Hall Health Club and staying informed
If you have any questions about your membership, please contact us via the website, Facebook/Insta or by calling our membership team on 01284 704 232.
The safety of our colleagues, members and all visitors to our club is our highest priority. Coronavirus presents us with new challenges in ensuring everyone can enjoy the many health benefits of exercise whilst remaining safe. That is why we're asking everyone to be #CovidSafe

More information on coronavirus can be found on the NHS, PHE and PHS websites.

Public Health England: